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The Most Common Sound Quality Errors A description of the most commonly found sound quality errors in car audio systems.
Classic and Technical Articles Sources of Classic and Technical Articles.
Stereo Bass Is there such a thing as 'stereo' bass?
Free Bass Autosound Cabin Gain at Low Frequencies.
Cabin Gain A discussion of Low Frequency Room Gain.
Audio Urban Legends The Biggest Audio Myth.
Tone Controls in the Car Hints About Using the Tone Controls in your Car.
Why We Need to take Car Sounds Serious Why you Should be More Serious about the Sound in your Car.
To Tweak or Not Serial Tweak (tubes, DAC, wires, high end electronics)Blind Listening Test.
The Truth About Subwoofers What the Speaker Industry doesn't Want you to Know about Subwoofers.
The Art of Break-in More examination of speaker Break-In.
Tale of 2 Rooms Low Frequency Performance in 2 Different Size Rooms.
Subwoofer Sizes How Big A Subwoofer Do You Really Need?
Subwoofer that Shook the World A Large Infinite Baffle Subwoofer System.
Behind the Numbers Understanding Sound & Vision Speaker Measurements.
Subwoofer Setup Made EZ Setting Up Subwoofers.
Subwoofer Secrets Subwoofer Placement Carefully Examined.
Speaker Stands Fancy Speaker Stands Examined.
Smoke and Mirrors How to Treat High End Sales Pitches.
Mutiple Subwoofers 4 Mid-Wall Subwoofer Placement Examined.
Flying Blind Long Term Listening Examined.
Center Channel Why MTM Center Channels are Problematic.
Box Stuffing How speaker cabinet stuffing works.
Dynaudio & Break-in Tests of long term break-in of Loudspeakers.
Monster Bass Examination of Large DIY Subwoofer Systems.
2 Subs in Corner Beat 5 in the Round A comparison of single subwoofer vs 5. full range speakers.
Surround Sanity Comparison of Surround Speaker Locations.
Autosound vs. Home Listening tests of autosound components vs. Home Theater.
Design and Conquer A Discussion of various subwoofer system types.
Wired Wisdom Bias controlled listening test of high-end wires.
Can you Trust Your Ears? A discussion of human listening bias mechanisms.